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Our partner Bette Buna is more than just an exporter or importer. When Hester is not busy trying to sell, export or import her coffees, she is actually working hard in her boots in the mud of the fields. Hester and her family live in Ethiopia and you may recognize her name from our popular /008.

The relationship we have built generates incredible feedback from both parties and brings a fruitful future ahead. Their Sidama washed coffees are of all levels and qualities. This specific batch is called Mershiti and was by far the best on the table this year. We're incredibly happy with this complex, layered cafe that serves up an expressive espresso or a complex, floral cup of filter coffee.

Taferi Kela coffee maker.

A Woreda typified by its majority of Hadicho, mixed with refugees who were displaced more than a hundred years ago to this region. With a local population of 450,000 people with more than 50% under the age of 25, the Taferi Kela coffee community belongs to one of the poorest coffee growing areas in Ethiopia. But it turned out to be exactly this Taferi Kela community that is so dedicated to creating equal opportunities for its future generations through the concept of our partners, Bette Buna.

underdeveloped, like our coffee community of Taferi Kela. Both Hadicho woman and man are hard workers, mostly famous for their outstanding crafts in clay, bamboo and local food preparation, such as "Kojo". Although discriminated against in the past, the Hadicho group is socially well developed and is known for its multicultural acceptance of any ethnic group that wants to live in its community.

This cup has a classic Ethiopian Sidama washed coffee profile with great balance and notes of marzipan, bergamot and rooibos.

025 Ethiopia — Taferi Kela

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