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This portable Aeropress coffee maker represents practicality and flavor in your hands.


It is comfortable and easy to use. You just have to add hot water and wait a few minutes to enjoy a delicious coffee.


In addition, thanks to its thermal insulation system, it keeps your infusion hot for much longer.


If you are passionate about ground coffee, you will not be able to resist the exquisite aroma of an aeropress in the morning. Prepare the best coffees simply and quickly.




Coffee maker operation

1. 18g of medium grind coffee

2. 1st pour of 50g water

3. We wait for 30 seconds, stirring 10 times.

4. 2 pour: 150g of water, stir 10 times

5. We carry out the extraction at min 2:00

6. Total water: 200gr

7. Total time 2:15


VAT Included |
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