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The Barista Digital Scale is equipped with a 4-digit LED display, which can show the weighing result intuitively and clearly.

Easy to clean, maintain and durable, it will help you measure accurately to make a perfect coffee.

It includes a silicone mat to protect and make weighing more stable, as well as 4 silicone support points on the back so that stability and grip on your countertop is optimal.

Supports 3 types of unit change: Gram, Ounce and Milliliters, suitable for weighing coffee powder.

It has 4 function keys: ON / OFF, TARE, UNIT, START / STOP, which make it very intuitive.

It is small in size, easy to carry, takes up little space when used, and is easy to store.

Can be used to weigh vegetables, fruits, baked goods, household items and pet food


1. Scale with a 4-digit LED display that can show the weighing result.

2. With timer function, the maximum time is 99 minutes and 59 seconds, easy to use.

3. Support unit change: (g, oz, ml) to meet your various weighing needs.

4. With tare function, high measurement accuracy, suitable for weighing coffee powder.

5. Supports automatic shutdown after 2 minutes, low power consumption and long service life.


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