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Size:         150*130*22.5mm

Capacity:     1g-3000g

Graduation:    0.1g

Timer function:           99m:59s

Energy:          250mAh Lithium Battery

Loading port:        Type C



With the Pro Digital Scale, you will be able to make your best coffees, thanks to its high precision sensors.


Perfect for coffee professionals, coffee shops and home baristas.



  • Time, weight, water flow: Separate mode for weighing milk and water
  • Easy to use: It works with just two intuitive buttons.
  • Heat-resistant platform: Prepare your coffee in a safe and precise way.
  • Rechargeable USB-C Power Supply: A greener alternative power source. Lasts up to 40 hours. With a practical battery indicator.
  • Led screen readability: An optimized screen brightness to allow better visibility.


Touch sensor operation

  • Auto zero auto power off function
  • Overload and battery indicator
  • Type C voltage controlled charging system
  • 2 minutes AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN without actions
  • 5 minutes AUTO OFF if time function is only used as a timer
  • The scale can support up to 99:59 if you are weighing items while the timer is also running.


Includes in box:

  • Digital scale
  • USB-C cable
  • User manual in English


Pro Digital Scale

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