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Material:          Borosilicate glass, wood and leather

Color:  Transparent

Capacity:     6 cups (880 ml)

Weight:  612 Gr.

Measurements:         24.38 x 16 x 3.43cm



5º- Pour water at 93 ºC (a small amount) on the coffee so that it is moistened, and all the components are released  desired coffee.


6º- After making the pre-infusion, you must pour more water on top, until the base is soaked.


7º Once we have obtained the amount we want, we should lift the filter of the classic Chemex 6 with a handle to be able to remove all the excess.


It must be taken into account that it is vital to have water of the highest quality possible, so this must be taken into account.


Does not contain filters, you have to buy them separately


Chemex 6 classic

VAT Included |
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