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The Puente Solaya lot comes from the Callayuc district in the province of Cutervo, where coffee cultivation is recent, especially in populated centers. This year we have started working with two communities and in a way our collaboration began by chance. It all started with our search for a specific coffee producer named Susy. 

We tried their coffee last year and were very impressed. Determined to find her and get in touch, Dreyde and Lisanne got on the motorcycle and drove 2.5 hours to the Callayuc district while asking people in the area if they knew her and where she could live. And we found it! Not only was their coffee great again, we also shared the story of our search when we returned to our coffee warehouse in Jaén and our colleague Goti said: "But my husband comes from the neighboring community!"  We got very motivated to meet more producers and establish a relationship with them, so Goti's husband joined us in his community again and introduced us to his family and neighbors. This was very helpful in immediately establishing a certain level of trust.







Washed, Bourbon & Caturra

Altitude of 1800m


Dak coffee Biscotti - Peru

250 Grams
VAT Included |
Out of Stock
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