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Moisés started producing Naturals about 3 years ago, initially only starting with 30 bags. Drying natural coffees is very difficult in Marcala due to the humid climate and rain experienced during the drying period. Moisés has worked hard over the years to perfect the process, and in doing so he has also shown Fabio, his father-in-law, the same techniques. Where they are processing the coffees as Naturals, they are picking ripe cherries and drying them in covered raised beds. 

Initially, the cherry layer should be thin and as the coffee dries you can increase the thickness of the dried cherry. The cherry can take 20 to 40 days to dry depending on temperatures. La Pedro is a farm at 1620 meters above sea level that Marysabel and Moisés bought in 1995.








Natural, Catuai

Altitude of 1600m

Delivered in a 100% recyclable bag and recyclable box

Dak coffee - Berry Foam - Honduras Espresso

250 Grams
VAT Included |
Out of Stock
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