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This Fellow brand kettle stands out for its beauty and functionality that do not disappoint.


Thanks to its pouring and temperature control with a built-in timer, you will achieve  a variable temperature control of 40°C and 100°C.


Automatically turns off after 15 minutes in standby mode.


With an LCD screen it shows the set temperature and thanks to its Hold mode you will be able to maintain the temperature for 1 hour.


It also stands out for its rapid heating. Used in barista competitions thanks to its swan-shaped pouring spout with which you will achieve total pouring control.


Ideal for making coffee with a drip or Chemex cone, as you will make it more consistent and uniform. With an LCD screen on the flat base where you can observe the current temperature.


Indicated for preparing coffee and tea like a professional.


Blue color with walnut wood handle


VAT Included |
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