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The story of this coffee begins with Duberney, a young man looking to improve his family's coffee business on the farm and took a grueling 6-hour off-road trip every Friday for 5 years to earn his degree in Forestry and Agronomic Sciences. For 2018, their hard work and science-based approach paid off with second place in the Cup of Excellence. Despite limited guidance, Duberney has become one of Colombia's leading producers with meticulous techniques.


The difference between the washing and double washing process lies in the way the coffee is fermented after pulping. In traditional washing, the coffee is soaked in tanks with water for, say, 24 hours before drying, while in double washing, the coffee is first allowed to ferment without water for 24 hours after pulping, then soaked in water for 30 minutes, drain and let ferment again for 24 hours. This fermentation process is mostly dry, but the coffee is washed twice.



This flavor you will find is the perfect combination between Gesha's pure genetics and Duberney's mastermind of a high-end process.



Their approach resulted in incredible floral notes in this coffee and flavors from a true spectrum of citrus fruits, from Fanta to lemon sorbet. Clean cup, with a silky feel and medium weight.

Preparation method: filter



GESHA Colombia — Duberney_

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