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Dripper Hario V60 02- Pastel Green Ceramic,! Add color to your life!

The award-winning HARIO V60 is the dripper of choice for coffee professionals and enthusiasts around the world, and is available in a range of beautiful colors to suit any kitchen or coffee nook!

Notable features of the Dripper V60:

Cone Shape:

The V60's distinctive cone shape allows layers of ground coffee to become thicker than on the flat surface of a traditional trapezoid-shaped dripper. The cone shape allows hot water to flow towards the center, allowing it to remain in contact with the ground coffee for longer and ensuring proper extraction of the flavor and aromatic components of the ground coffee.

Spiral Ribs:

The twisted ribs prevent the paper and dripper from sticking together, letting air through and allowing the coffee to expand properly. This promotes smooth extraction.

Single Hole:

The V60 features a large hole at the bottom. This allows the tip of the filter paper to protrude through the hole, which in turn allows the hot water to draw more like a cloth filter since it is not restricted by the dripper.Change the speed Pour-over allows you to brew coffee with your preferred flavor, stronger or lighter.

The V60 was designed for accessibility, versatility, and most importantly, making good coffee. And that's what he does!


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