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Color:  Transparent crystal

Measurements:         W 146 * D 120 * H 195 MM

Weight:  700g

Cleaning:        Manual or Dishwasher

Material:          Heat resistant glass, Pct resin, Polypropylene

Made in: Japan

Capacity:     1 to 4 cups



The Hario Simply line honors the origin of the brand, specializing in producing heat-resistant glass items for more than a century.


Made with 100% natural minerals and simple shapes that stand out for their functionality, with the sole objective of achieving a moment of relaxation and good coffee.


The V-shaped conical paper filter allows for a deep layer of ground coffee and ensures that hot water flows to the top of the cone to fully extract the flavor from your beans.


This set includes:


V60 glass drip cone size 02

V60 glass jug

V60 Paper Filters (1 Pack of 40)

Measuring spoon


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