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Capacity 25g grams


Grinds about 1g/second


38mm stainless steel burrs


No, your eyes are not deceiving you, the C2 is back but different. We can almost see you scratching your head, marveling and amazed that Timemore can take another well-known product and give it a special new spin. This time it's C2 with a folding handle. Bam, take it now!  The proven Nano handle has now become part of the standard range of grinders. It folds and stores, folds and takes on a trip, or simply folds and unfolds.


With a textured exterior it is easy to grip for grinding.


Getting started... Using the step adjustment, you can easily set the grinder to get the perfect grind.


First, tighten the grind adjustment all the way to find the zero point, from there you just count how many clicks are to your desired thickness.


To give you an idea, 6 to 12 clicks for a fine grind, 13 to 24 for a medium grind, and if you like coarser coffee, try more than 24 clicks.


The perfect choice for Aeropress, pour over and filter coffee.


The C2 grinder base is now metal and easily screws onto the grinder body. For its price, you will be hard-pressed to buy a better grinder.




Capacity 25g grams

Size 14.7cm x 5cm

Light weight approx 440g

Grinds about 1g/second

38mm stainless steel cutters

Conical cutters

Aluminum casing with durable PCTG plastic interior

CNC steel milling cutters such as Slim and Chestnut G1

Dual bearings to ensure consistent grind size

Point-to-point thickness adjustment


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