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The Varia grinder is designed to achieve the highest performance in the distribution and consistency of grinding particles, the design of burrs made of high nitrogen stainless steel that provide an extremely consistent grinding result with a highly refined particle distribution, from coarse grind sizes for manual brewing to fine grind sizes for espresso.


Created for coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs, the Varia hand grinder is a high-performance coffee grinder with an advanced burr design, lightweight aluminum body, and ultra-smooth drive assembly.


24-point precision adjustment, with each 360º rotation offering more than 110 steps of grind adjustment.


It offers the possibility of being able to completely disassemble it to be able to clean it in depth.


It comes with a case for easy transportation and storage.



Material:          Aluminum

Color:  Black

Capacity:     26-28g

Weight:  490g

Dimensions: 17.3 long x 4.9 wide x 15.5 high  cm

Grinding:        Adjustable

Varia Grinder

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